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One S. Church Street, Suite 200, Hazleton, PA 18201
p: 570.455.1508   f: 570.454.7787

Services & Logistics with a Focus on Pharmaceuticals

Services  Logistics As a nationally recognized center for transportation and market access, NEPA meets the service and logistics demands of pharmaceutical companies throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Offering companies access to high-quality storage and distribution capabilities at a comparatively low cost, NEPA offers companies the chance to lower their bottom-line.

Northeastern Pennsylvania is an ideal location for companies looking to locate within close proximity of major metropolitan markets. The area enjoys easy access to six major interstate highways; 78, 80, 81, 84, 380, and 476-serving more than 95 million US and Canadian consumers within an overnight drive.


Pennsylvania is recognized as one of the nation’s three leading areas for development, testing, production, and distribution of pharmaceuticals. NEPA’s low costs and proximity to large population centers makes it an ideal location for storage, distribution, and production.

  • Cold Chain Infrastructure and Support along with an Entrepreneurial Market: NEPA has the resources, transportation network, and manpower to support your company’s need for cold storage and shipment of biological and pharmaceutical products. There are significant opportunities for small to large companies to function as providers of services and logistics for the pharmaceutical industry in an entrepreneurial market. Sanofi Pasteur as one of the top vaccine producers in the world has created an established logistics network in the region, which allows them to successfully market their product.
  • Lower Cost of Doing Business in NEPA: Doing business in NEPA allows your company to outsource storage and transport of pharmaceuticals affordably and reliably. The cost of doing business in NEPA is 26.5% less than the cost of doing business in New York and 21.1% less than doing business in Philadelphia.
  • Proven Growth Industry Matches Regional Strengths: Service and logistics is a growth area for the NEPA region, jobs are projected to increase in the region for Logisticians (Bachelor’s degrees or more) by 17.2% in the next five years. With service and logistics programs at 13 colleges and universities in our region, companies have ready access to the skilled workforce they need. Grow your company in a region with a proven track record in cold chain infrastructure and support.


  • Companies such as UPS and FedEx have established refrigerated distribution in our region due to our location, quality of labor force, low cost of living, and quality of life. The climate for additional investment is strong as the demand for pharmaceuticals and other health-related products are expected to increase faster than the national economy.
  • The regions labor cost savings over major metro markets and more sophisticated supply chains provides investors with a low risk place to grow.


  • There are strong programs in the 8-county region that focus on Distribution Supply Logistics and Pharmacy.


More than 1/3 of the nation's population can be reached within an overnight delivery. New York City and Philadelphia are a two-hour drive from NEPA.

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