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One S. Church Street, Suite 200, Hazleton, PA 18201
p: 570.455.1508   f: 570.454.7787

Cost of Doing Business

Lower Operating Costs

Among the number of advantages, none is more beneficial to a business’ bottom line than the low operating costs combined with the strategic location of our community.

In updating an analysis completed in December 2016 byThe Boyd Company, a international independent location consulting firm that compared annual operating costs for a typical Northeastern Pennsylvania plastics manufacturing facility with annual costs for the same facility in other in communities within Pennsylvania as well as New York and New Jersey, findings show that Greater Hazleton holds a clear financial advantage compared to those states.

Quick Facts

  • A company can save up to 21 percent in average annual operating costs in Greater Hazleton versus the other metro areas identified within the analysis.
  • Average worker compensation rates for a plastics facility in Pennsylvania are 12 percent to 14 percent less than New York and New Jersey.
  • Greater Hazleton has a number of available sites with tax incentives that would be ideal for plastics manufacturing.
  • Greater Hazleton has access to the Pennsylvania College of Technology, an affiliate of Penn State University, which offers Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Plastics and Polymer Technology


Prototype Plastics Facility in Greater Hazleton

Jobs - 225

Land and Buildings

  • Acres - 25
  • Square feet - 175,000

Electricity Demand

  • Kilowatts (kW) - 1,000
  • Kilowatt-hours (kWh) - 650,000

Natural Gas Demand

  • Therms - 50,000

Source: The Boyd Company, December 2016

plastics operating costs


Plastics Industry Prototype Facility
Annual Operating Costs
Metro Area Total Labor Costs Electric Power Costs Natural Gas Power Costs Amoritzation Costs Property and Sales Tax Cost Total Operating Cost
Greater Hazleton, PA $10,635,544 $495,444 $515,400 $2,055,555 $1,182,009 $14,883,952
Allentown/Bethlehem, PA $11,291,767 $495,444 $515,400 $2,218,555 $1,319,333 $15,840,499
Philadelphia, PA $12,350,001 $422,412 $515,400 $2,480,775 $1,623,954 $17,392,542
Newark, NJ $12,757,923 $702,120 $485,400 $2,695,341 $1,723,737 $18,364,521
New Brunswick, NJ $12,988,488 $702,120 $485,400 $2,615,287 $1,620,913 $18,412,208
Rochester, NY $11,812,016 $613,800 $397,200 $2,101,469 $1,491,217 $16,415,702
Long Island, NY $12,858,426 $796,754 $397,200 $2,738,715 $2,141,017 $18,932,112
White Plains/Westchester County, NY $12,604,213 $1,034,460 $397,200 $2,861,482 $1,942,560 $18,839,915
The Boyd Company, December 2016

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