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One S. Church Street, Suite 200, Hazleton, PA 18201
p: 570.455.1508   f: 570.454.7787

E-commerce and Technical Support Centers


ecommerce-275Northeastern Pennsylvania, including Greater Hazleton, is home to a growing cluster of e-commerce companies that distribute their products from the area. With numerous e-commerce companies operating in the area, the region is a major hub for logistics companies serving the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest, as well as companies that sell their products over the Internet.

With the continuing increase of online retailing and the push for ever-shorter delivery windows, e-commerce companies have sought out areas where they can establish strategically located and cost-efficient fulfillment operations. The region’s combination of immediate interstate access, close proximity to the East Coast’s consumption zones, availability of FedEx and UPS service, new speculative industrial development, affordable operating costs and a great workforce backed by an exceptional higher education network, continues to drive logistics growth in the region.

One of the largest e-commerce merchants in the Hazleton area is online giant Amazon, which employs more than 3,000 people at peak season at its facility in Humboldt Industrial Park. The company is among many e-commerce retailers that have found Greater Hazleton to be an exceptional location for their type of business.

The e-commerce / distribution centers in Greater Hazleton include:

Company Service
Amazon (amazon.com) Online retail merchant of various items
American Eagle Outfitters Northeast distributor young men's and women's clothes and accessories
New Global Marketing (bestcigarprices.com) Premium handmade cigars and accessories
RAC Enterprises (aimtofind.com) Electronics and appliances, housewares and home and garden products
Tabcom, LLC (Pets United) Pet products and supplies
Choice  Brands Equestrian (horseloverz.com) Equestrian products



“We chose Greater Hazleton for several reasons, including the talent pool in the area, the opportunity to build a facility from the ground up, and the easy access to Interstates 81 and 80.” “This area offers everything a large town would offer with a small-town feel. It’s a great area to raise a family. On a professional level, the talent pool is excellent, and I appreciate the team we’ve put together here. I also appreciate that there are many distribution centers in the area, as we share many commonalities even though we process different types of units.”

Chris Miller, Director of Operations
American Eagle Outfitters

When we saw the CAN DO park and the building, we knew it was the perfect location for us. It was in excellent condition and had the open floor plan we were seeking. The combination of the favorable tax rates and quality labor, far above the quality of work I’ve ever seen, is a dynamite combination for us and is helping us grow. The interstate system is a fantastic benefit of being here. That makes it easy to reach the airports, which is great for shipping and for the visitors we have from all over the world. The proximity to the interstates also lowers shipping costs for companies who use large shipping companies.”

Greg Fox, Chief Operating Officer
New Global Marketing (BestCigarPrices.com)

“I was able to find ample space in the Hazleton area as I needed. As my business grew, I did not have a hard time finding facilities to rent or purchase to meet the demand of my growth. This area has great interstate access, particularly to Interstates 80 and 81. Since it’s so close to major cities and we ship via FedEx ground to places such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, many of our customers get their packages the next day. Also, the Hazleton area has a strong workforce, with many great, motivated hardworking people."

Rocco Ciavarella, Founder and President

“The East Coast location is vital to our industry, and being only two hours from Philadelphia and New York City is important from an importing, travel and industry trade standpoint. It is also beneficial to be so close to metropolitan areas to help fuel our company’s very specific needs,”

Thomas Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing
Choice Brands Equestrian, Inc. (HorseLoverZ.com)


Customer and Technical Support Centers

Customer service centers

In today's wired world, it is easier than ever to locate customer support and call centers anywhere in the world.

Greater Hazleton's talented workforce meets the needs of these increasingly high-tech positions.

Web.com - the global Internet firm - located a customer support center in the CAN DO Corporate Center and has expanded its operations since. Drawing from our regional pool of workers, it has had no problem meeting the demands of its high-tech jobs.

The e-commerce / technical support centers in Hazleton include:

Company Service
Web.com Service provider enabling businesses and consumers to communicate
PPL Solutions Call center for energy billing and questions
Eagle Rock Resort c/o Double Diamond Companies Call center for property viewing



“At Web.com, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web. Our Hazleton Customer Service Center employs approximately 200 employees with a variety of skills, including seasoned customer service representatives and highly skilled technical engineers. We are continually seeking trained technical candidates to join the Hazleton call center team. Over the last year our Hazleton Center has been an integral part of the growth of the company. We have been recognized for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” from J.D. Power and Associates for four consecutive years. Since Network Solutions has opened our doors in the Can Do Corporate Business Park, we have had the pleasure of hiring some of the area’s finest people. We look forward to a continued relationship with the community, the Greater Hazleton area businesses and our employees.”

Brad Filbert, Senior Director, Customer Service

Business Financing


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Cranberry Creek

Cranberry Creek

Residential, retail and entertainment options at this 366-acre park.

CAN DO Foundation


Making a positive difference to the present and future well-being of the Hazleton area.

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